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Re: Problem w Upload

Originally Posted by GOGOOGO
How do I download the torrent from the first post in the thread (if its the folder), by creating a new torrent with the wizard?
I could not do this without deleting the earlier xyz.torrent file but the data folder is still in place.
Is it possible that I just closed the window of the wizard too early the first time and the xyz.torrent file which had been uploaded to the tracker was incomplete or different to the later ones?
What about installing another client instead of Azureus?
What happens to the already posted thread?
Let me see if I can do a better job here.

- Stop the torrent in Azureus (select the show in the list, hit the red X)
- Remove the torrent from Azurues (select the show, hit the red box)
- Go to your thread and right above the Blue Bar in the first post is an attachment file called "ROLLING STONES 1995-03-12 EASTERN PROMISE.torrent". Click on it to download it. Save it somewhere on your drive and make note of where you saved it.
- Double-click it. Azureus will ask where to save the files. Tell it to save them in the Rolling Stones folder (the one you selected when you made your .torrent file)
- It should then go through and verify that you have all the files and then it should move the show to the bottom of the screen and go into seed mode
- If it doesn't go straight into seed mode, select the show from the list and right-click Force Start

I hope that better explains things. Sorry I didn't do a better job before. Holler if I still need to explain a step better.
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