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Re: Help Me get situated

Originally Posted by joeybags
Okay, I'm not sure if this is making it any more clear for me. Since I never converted the file from .shn to wave what does the cdx matter? This is coming right back off my HD.
Whoops, my bad on this. I didn't look at the whole lineage, I just saw "cdr" and thought of all the times people put that in their lineage when they should say "cdr(x)". Yours is actually the master cdr, so you actually could say "cdr(m)".

Originally Posted by joeybags
Following 5's advice I get the same info I posted about the md5s after you asked me switch it up the first time.
As Five wrote, you need to select "st5", not the (default?) "md5". Sorry, I can't help too much on this since I use a Mac and therefore don't use TLH.
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