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Re: User Statistics & Ratios

I know for a fact that my ratio on this site is incorrect. I have DHT disabled and have followed all procedures. I have also had an online discussion with U2 Lynne concerning this. I'm on a Mac and using Azereus.
This is the ONLY site of many that I have this issue with. It's also one of the only sites that doesn't have a formal procedure to address tis issue.
Unfortunately, I've come not trust my ratio here. This leads to me being less concerned with my ratio here. At this point, If I'm choosing between torrents to seed, I'm more likely to jump off the Trader's Den torrent for another.
I know this is my personal experience and I appreciate all the great music being shared here. I just wish it was possible to resolve this issue. Until then, my ratio is what it is and I really don't feel I have control over it.
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