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Re: User Statistics & Ratios

Wow!! That's really cool that so many of you took and interest to help me. Thank you!!!

I am now over 3.0+ GB uploaded (in the last 48 hrs.) and my Trader's Den tracker is saying I've only uploaded 1.38 GB since joining. I will send an email with some screen-shots as U2Lynne has suggested to get things right.

I also plan to switch to Bittornado or Azureus since I've used these previously. If uTorrent has issues then perhaps The Trader's Den should not list it as the 'RECOMMENDED' client software on its FAQ page.

I don't believe there should be any restrictions on traders as long as we're not doing it for profit. I downloaded a concert from the band Rush the other day that only heard part of, when it aired in 1980. I've been waiting almost 30 years to hear that show again. It's not in their catalog. I own everything the band has ever sold - CDs, albums, concert tixs, programs, T-shirts, etc. So it's not as if I've cheated them. The same with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Stones, etc. The RIAA should be chasing down people illegally pirating copywritten material, not fan for fan stuff (my 2 cents).

Thanks again to everyone!!!
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