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Re: User Statistics & Ratios

There is some stuff about uTorrent that seems suspicious:

uTorrent developer Signs deal with Peerfactor (French anti-p2p company)

BitTorrent Inc Buys uTorrent

uTorrent Relaunched as Official BitTorrent Client
"Here at TorrentFreak we looked into the suspicious behavior reported by some of our readers, but up until now we did not find any hard evidence to support these claims. With Wireshark we tried to replicate the findings reported by some users several times, both on virtual machines and in use systems, but we didnít find anything suspicious.

But Iím sure this wonít comfort the really paranoid people among us."

I don't know, it just seems too good to be true: uTorrent is released and it is the best, most lightweight client ever, uses little CPU, etc. Then the developer signs a deal with Peerfactor, then is bought by BitTorrent Inc. which is used to sell movies. If they have a client which reports all your activity automatically, they don't have to download every torrent to collect IP addys, and on top of that, they can find out about trackers that they don't know exist (private, invitation only type trackers).

If everyone downloaded BTAT (bands that explicitly allow taping and trading, like Phish, Dead, Jerry, moe., Gov't Mule, Flecktones) stuff I wouldn't really object to someone keeping tabs, but artists like the Stones, Beatles, Zappa, Zeppelin, Dylan, Floyd don't allow it. I don't want the RIAA cataloging all my downloads from non-BTAT bands.
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