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Re: Reformatting back to flac

Originally Posted by Mag99
... convert the files to MP3 "for my use only" in order to save space (I'll delete the original flac / shn files). Is there any way to re-format the MP3 files back to flac to reseed the show? My guess is no ...
To draw an analogy; a great work of art, the Mona Lisa, hangs in a museum in ... Paris, say. You walk in, take a photo of it, with whatever you have to hand; digital camera, 35mm, whatever. The museum is struck by natural disaster, and the Mona Lisa is lost.

Would anyone pay you any heed at all if you offered to enlarge your photo and put it on the wall in the Mona's place....? Would anyone travel, or pay to see it? Probably not.

If an mp3 version is the ONLY version on the planet of a show that I really, REALLY want, then I'd be interested in it, but if there's a better version around, I'll always want the better version.

Regards, Graham
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