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Re: Reformatting back to flac

Originally Posted by Mag99
I have a relatively small hard drive, so when I download a show, I'll leave it seeded as long as there is activity (at least a few days and up to several weeks), and will then convert the files to MP3 "for my use only" in order to save space (I'll delete the original flac / shn files). Is there any way to re-format the MP3 files back to flac to reseed the show? My guess is no, but I wanted to confirm before giving up. Incidently, I currently have a 1.77 share ratio.

Any input greatly appreciated - I'd like to help out someone who needs a seed from a show I downloaded a while ago.

No, you can not change it back to flac in order to seed. Once you put it into lossy format, it is lossy forever (no matter if you change it back to flac, it is then a lossy flac). The best thing to do is to archive the flac files to DVD after you no longer want them on your harddrive. Then, if you want to reseed the show, you just drag/drop them back onto your harddrive.
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