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Re: Clarification - pulling torrents with 'official' material

Originally Posted by Five
the Zeppelin BBC sessions are heavily edited in the official release, that's why you'll see some of those sessions allowed here. sources that mine the official release for some of its content are right out of the question.

if you have an fm broadcast where some small portion is released (maybe as a cd single b-side) you can seed the complete broadcast here so long as you do not mine the official release where the overlap is concerned. If there is too much almost-exact overlap, it is required to remove the overlap and just seed the 'bonus tracks'.

to answer your question, I have a tape of Saga broadcast in europe that is a crappy-sounding version of the live album 'in transit' with no differences other than sound quality. That I would never seed here.

If you give some examples of what you want to share, we can answer your question in more detail...
An example would be my Rory Gallagher at The Venue 1979 - I have the whole original FM broadcast, one track was released on the Rory Gallagher sessions official release (which must have been pre-FM or SBD), so I snipped this one out when making the torrent. Luckily it was the last tune, so didn't mess the continuity up, but if two or three tracks had been officially released, it would have made a right pig's ear of the torrent.

The second instance was my Rory 1973 concert, where I uploaded the full thing; this time, one of the downloaders pointed out afterwards that I'd included one track that was on the official release, and took me to task for it - now this one was in the middle of the concert, and really would have screwed things up if I'd snipped it.....

You can see my dilemma.... I hope.

In what way are the Zep sessions HEAVILY edited?

Regards, Graham
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