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Re: Clarification - pulling torrents with 'official' material

I agree, I just wish artists would release 24 bit SBDs for their shows that were recorded in analog or at 24 bit. The 2005 Cream Royal Albert Hall DVD I bought has amazing sound, but the soundtracks are LPCM 16/48 or DTS (lossy, about 18 bit). It was recorded at 24/96, with several pairs of ambient mics, like Neumanns, fed to the SBD. 24 bit AUDs circulate for those shows I believe. The 16 bit AUD I have for one of those shows is OK, but the official release towers over it. I'd rather be front row. btw, look for Brian May, Sean Penn, Jude Law, and Christiane Amanpour in the crowd on that Cream 2005 RAH DVD. Awesome performances too. Clapton looks like he has aged the best of all three, I guess because he got sober and quit smoking. You can see Ginger puffing away backstage. Hope they release a Blu-Ray of it w/ HD picture and 24/96 audio someday.

btw, Five and U2Lynne, why are your names in italics, and the other mods are standard text? Are you uber-mods or did you create this site when STG shut down?
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