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Re: The Real Beatles

I couldn't agree more that analog sounds better than digital, but eventually all analog sources will wear out and become unplayable. With digital, as long as you back up the data every 5 years or so on high quality media (like Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R), it has the potential to last until the end of time.

If you want to listen in analog, you could make a tape copy and listen to that instead of wearing the record. With something so rare, why risk wearing it out? When the 64 bit A/D converters come out, you will be glad the record isn't worn out. If you make a digital copy, you can distribute it to your friends and family much easier. If it really is the best source available, you could even send a 24 bit digital copy to Paul and Ringo for possible official release if their master tapes aren't in good shape. It isn't worth the risk seeding it to one of those other trackers IMO.

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