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Re: Did I really upload?

Originally Posted by Sunshine Bob
I apologize if this has been asked but I didn't see any threads addressing it.

I just uploaded a Widespread Panic torrent 07-07-28. After about an hour I do not see it in the tracker. Did I really upload it?

Also, I'm using Bit Torrent. Once I know the show is uploaded, how do I seed it?

Sunshine Bob
I don't want to make like I'm the expert, I'm still pretty new around here, but, since I'm online; maybe you could outline step-by-step what you've done so far in more detail ?

You've been through a 'create torrent file' process through bit torrent?
You've been through the 'upload show' or 'upload torrent' process in the audio/video torrent forum?
etc etc

Regards, Graham
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