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Clarification - pulling torrents with 'official' material

A recent torrent 'Led Zeppelin Uncensored' contained the following phrase;

"All Officially released material is either incomplete, a rough mix, or sourced differently."

Some of the tracks appear on the official Zep CD - BBC Sessions. The bit I'm interested in is the 'sourced differently' aspect....

When Zep released the CD, they plainly had access to the BBC master tapes; therefore their source is 'Pre-FM'.

Are we saying that if I have a 'Post-FM' or 'Off-Air' of the same tune, that I can claim it's a 'different source' and include it in a torrent? That seems to be what's happening with the Zep torrent.......

If I can do this, it'll save me some snipping of future torrents, and give a much more listenable experience.

Opinions, please?

Regards, Graham
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