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Re: 24 bit question

Originally Posted by Tubular
ONES is much better for burning DVD-Video anyway, because it doesn't occasionally alter files like Nero does. I burned a few dual layer DVD-Videos, and on some discs Nero altered the .bup and .ifo files, and all the menu functions didn't work properly. I couldn't access some bonus material.
Nero only alters them if you're burning in 'video disc' mode fwiw

if you burn in ISO mode (data) and create yer own empty AUDIO_TS folder the bup and ifo will remain unaltered. This way you also get the option to add an EXTRAS_TS folder containing the txt, md5 and artwork (if available). Much better this way because you can always find the stuff you downloaded with the dvd and it will play on 99% of players.
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