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Trader Dave
Re: The Green Aesthetic

Originally Posted by LeonJackson
I am hugely and endlessly grateful for everything that the admins do to maintain and improve this site, and I hope this won't sound like a petty or negative criticism, but I really don't like the new feature that shows the name of the original poster of a torrent in green. Because green (for me at least) is a more eye-catching color than the blue in which the torrent info is presented, it makes it harder to just visually scan the list of recent torrents. All I see is a list of usernames. It's nice to give torrent uploaders props of course ~ I'm completely down for that ~ but can they be listed in black, as they are on the main torrent list, rather than in that busy, distracting green color? Thanks for considering my suggestion and please know how much I appreciate everything y'all do to make this site a pleasure to visit. Peace, Leon
I have no idea what you are talking about.
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