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Re: Flac, wav, mp3 editor?

To join 2 or more .wav files into one big .wav file, just use shntool. It will allow you to fix a lot of problems with .wav files. It actually fixes .wav's, not .shn's, the name is a bit of a misnomer. If you have Trader's Little Helper installed, you don't have to download it. You can get it here for free: Get the Win32 version where is says "where can I get it?" Unzip the file, and drop the shntool.exe file in your C:\WINDOWS folder. It is a command line program, so you have to use the command prompt (start > all programs > accessories > command prompt). It is easier if you have the folder with the .wav's you want to analyze and fix on your C:\ drive so you don't have to do lots of typing. I don't think the folder can have any spaces in it. If it is the Rolling Stones May 15, 1974 16 bit SBD for example, rename it to rs1974-05-15.sbd.flac16 Make sure the command prompt says 'C:\' You may have to change it by typing 'cd C:\' Then type 'shntool join rs1974-05-15.sbd.flac16/*.wav' All your individual .wav files will join together into one big one, in alphabetical order. The joined.wav file wil be output to your C:\ root drive.
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