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This issue comes up A LOT, btw. Tons of people post here about how they can't upload after completion, then after they get a client with encryption, they have no problem. IMO all clients that don't play nice with the tracker, act like big brother by spying on you, don't have encryption, or are just plain unreliable should be banned from TTD. I'm talking to you uTorrent 1.7, bittornado 3.17 and below, BitComet (uberleechers' client of choice), BitLord, Mainline 4.22 and up. I mean, I wonder how many users just give up on BT because their client sucks, and they can't finish downloads properly (Mainline 4.22 and up) or can't upload after completion (non-encryption w/Concast)? They might figure, "oh well, I've tried my best, I've forwarded my ports, BT just doesn't seem to work for me, I quit." But there is nothing I can do about it, except try to help when people post here. Maybe instead of having a list of RECOMMENDED clients in the FAQs, there should be a list of ALLOWED clients.
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