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Re: Recommendations for ripping 16-bit and 24-bit to flac

Any Mac people out there know anything about renaming .aif files to .wav for use in Windows?

I think the 24/96 .aif files that you renamed to .wav have incorrect headers. I don't know if Trader's Little Helper can fix header issues.

I think you need a program called shntool. It will allow you to fix a lot of problems with .wav files. It actually fixes .wav's, not .shn's, the name is a bit of a misnomer. You can get it here for free: Get the Win32 version where is says "where can I get it?" Unzip the file, and drop the shntool.exe file in your C:\WINDOWS folder. It is a command line program, so you have to use the command prompt (start > all programs > accessories > command prompt). It is easier if you have the folder with the .wav's you want to analyze and fix on your C:\ drive so you don't have to do lots of typing. I don't think the folder can have any spaces in it. If it is the Rolling Stones May 15, 1974 24bit SBD for example, rename it to rs1974-05-15.sbd.flac24 Then do a len check on the files from the command prompt. Make sure the command prompt says 'C:\' You may have to change it by typing 'cd C:\' Then type 'shntool len rs1974-05-15.sbd.flac24/*.wav' You will get a readout. If there is an 'h' in the middle column, that indicates header errors. To fix them type 'shntool strip rs1974-05-15.sbd.flac24/*.wav' Then you will get a bunch of .wav's that have the word 'stripped' appended to them. Those stripped files are fixed. Now you can delete the word stripped from each file and encode them to FLAC with TLH, if that was the only problem in the len check. If there are other errors there will be different letters in the three columns from the len check. Refer to the shntool.pdf for what other errors or reports mean, and how to fix them. For one, the files are better than CD quality, so that will be one of the reports (not an error). Good luck, it might seem hard, but once you get used to it it is easy.

btw, I'm definitely not an analog tape expert. What is 'tape baking'? Yeah, I was thinking that analog tapers such as yourself made a copy of the master and listened to the copy instead of hammering the master. I've also heard that some people did that with their vinyl; made a tape copy of the vinyl and played the tape instead of the vinyl.
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