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Horrible modulation noise on PC playback

I while ago, I was reasonably happy with the sound from my PC, but recently, I've got so much modulation noise on playback that it's almost unlistenable.

It seems to affect all playback; whether I'm replaying an .mp3 through media player, or just the windows default sounds, such as the boot-up music, or the 'you hit the wrong key' ping....

I'm running powered speakers from the line out of my sound card, and I've made sure all connections are clean, and unplugged and replugged the cables.....

The only thing I reckon that's changed that might have caused this is the installation of Realplayer..... it seems to be since that was installed - but the problem now is trying to decide what real player has done to screw up the sound, and what to do to fix it.

Any suggestions how to debug this?

Regards, Graham
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