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Re: Recommendations for ripping 16-bit and 24-bit to flac

Originally Posted by Tubular
If you want to make a CD quality copy of your 24/96 seeds as well, you can use the free r8brain sample rate/bit depth converter to take the 24/96 wavs and convert to 16/44.1. It is a quality program, and rivals the programs Soundforge, Wavelab, and Audition. Use the very high quality settings for best results. You won't have to burn an audio CD on the Masterlink and then use EAC to extract this way.
Way too much like hard work .......... if I'm looking to make a 24/96, I'm recording from an analogue source (Revox B77 or cassette) onto the Alesis HDD. The Alesis will record in 24/96 on the HDD, and allow me to edit track splits etc, and will also allow me to make a CD24 disc on the internal CD drive, or a red book CD at 44.1kHz, 16-bit. So no need to use software to make the CD-quality backups, I'll just burn them in the Alesis.

Regards, Graham
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