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Re: Transfer MiniDisc? - Found the info I needed

Originally Posted by maidencolorado
OK, I know this has been discussed before, but I just went through the first 20 pages here in Technobabble, and didn't find a thread. I recorded 3 shows last night using a Sony MZ-N707 Net MD.

When I try to transfer them to my PC using SonicStage, it says I can't because they were recorded in Net MD. So then I try Open MG Jukebox, and it says I can't check the shows in

I used brand new discs, and haven't transferred the shows (obviously, since I'm asking for help here). Anyone got an idea?


EDIT: I found it. Need to transfer real time using a mini to mini into my soundcard. Only the newer MD (Hi-MD) will let you do a digital transfer from the player to your PC
I use standard MD's, and to transfer digitally I use an MD player with an optical output (Sony JE510) to a sound card with an optical input with an optical cable. Instead of the sound card, you can use several different USB audio interfaces with digital inputs. The transfer is real-time, but digital.
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