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Re: reseed feature

hi five

and the difference between pming everyone on the thread by hand and doing it automatically is what exactly? (apart from making it a whole lot easier to do?)

When I ask for show that has run its course, I also usually ask for a mail trade, B&P or a reseed and one of those options usually works.

The automated reseed message, is just a request if the person is able to, it isnt a staight gimme. It could be worded in such a way that it includes those options to mail trade etc so that both sides get something tangible out of the request rather than being one sided.

When I browse through the inactive torretns and see so many, and there are heaps here, it would be great if there was a easy way of obtaining some of those great shows, rather than going through the process of checking every individual on a thread to see if they are still visiting the site, and then pming those who are until I got an anwser from someone.

Just a thought
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