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reseed feature


I have a suggestion for a reseed feature that I have found to be awesome, unique, and very effective. I am a member of lossless legs also, and when a torrent no longer has any seeders and it is one you want to download, rather than go to the forums and beg etc, there is a reseed button on the torrent's info page. Clicking this sends a standard pm meesage (containing the torrent info, link etc) to everyone who has downloaded the torrent asking them to reseed. I have found this to be very effective in obtaining inactive torrents probably becasue people do reasd their messages rather than go to the forums and browse around. I have not seen this feature on any other site, but damn it works so well. It is surprising how many people will be helpful if they receive a message. And from a seeders perspective, it means I can file away my torrent after seeding, and if I get a message to reseed, I can whip it out and help someone out.

Just a suggestion, I dont know if it is possible, or how hard it is, but IMHO it has been a fantastic feature and is well worth consdieration.

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