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Re: Fixing an audio disc with SBEs


...and if you haven't mastered SHNtool yet, what you can do is used FLAC frontend. Make sure you have the recent version (available for over 6 months now).

1. Make a backup of the files!
2. Drag and drop all of the files from disc 1 into FLAC frontend.
3. Decompress.
4. Clear FLAC frontend.
5. Drag and drop all of the files from disc 1 into FLAC frontend. Make sure that they are only the files from disc 1 and that they are in the correct order.
6. Enable verify, set compression to 8, and enable "align on sector boundaries". The display will show you when a SBE is being corrected. When a SBE is corrected, all FLAC frontend is doing is moving the beginning of the track, one exception is that if it's the last track it will add a few samples of silence (<500 or so).
7. Now you can delete the WAV files. Be very careful to stay organized while you're doing this!
8. Repeat for Disc Two, etc.

Then you can generate a FLAC fingerprint for the fixed set by clearing FLAC frontend and dragging all the new FLACs in then pushing "fingerprint". Also make a note in the info file that you have fixed the SBEs using FLAC frontend. It is very important to only do one disc's worth of files at a time and stay organized.

If it's that '69 Zeppelin show you're thinking about, I checked the areas around the SBEs and there are no silent drops or problems of this kind to contend with on this set. If you don't feel 100% confident fixing it yourself, I (or somebody else) will put up a fixed version soon.
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