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Re: Portable FLAC Players? Recomendations?

Originally Posted by jameskg
this is what I do.... If you go straight from CD (or FLAC decoded to WAVE) to 320k 44.1kHz MP3, that's really damn good for a portable player.

I have done some A/B comparissons between a few 320k MP3s and the WAV files they were encoded from (both sent to the iPod). In swapping back and forth I can barely tell the difference. If I wasn't specifically listening for it, I wouldn't care.

I'd still love to see FLAC support for the music I care more about, but for, say, "Bonnie Tyler's Greatest Hit", 320k MP3 is just fine
I've listened to many shows (and cd's) converted straight to "wav" and 320 lame mp3 over my Klipsch iGroove speakers and stock car stereo speakers. I couldn't tell the difference between them. Therefore I went with 320 to save space.

Interesting article on the whole bitrate thing.
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