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Re: What DVD players play PAL Format DVD'S in the US?

Hi Daniel

I am in OZ too so this may help. I have a Pioneer DV-393 cost $150 12 months ago. I tried two cheap no name ones like you see advertised at the Warehouse and places like that but after a month or so they both were faulty and I had to return them. When they worked, the picture quality was fine, but that didnt last for long. In the end I said stuff it and went to Clive Anthony's and bought the Pioneer. It does PAL and NTCS as well as xvid, mpeg etc, and plays all the dvd's I make on my computer. It hasnt missed a beat, the picture is sharp, 1 year with no hassles at all. With my experience with what is avaliable here, I have found that paying a few dollars more for a quality player has been the better option.

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