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Re: Is there a right answer?

I guess this isn't an issue even though it is the same source.
They are even originally from the same master tape. In fact, doesn't the second one use the first as it's source?
One is ReMaster number one. Good but raw sound. For the recording purist. Rough and right from the master.
One is ReMaster number two. Also very good, more processed and refined. Tweaked and tweezed to be 'perfect'.

Oh, no, wait, I'm thinking of another version of this.
These are the same. Exactly. They are what I was calling ReMaster number two. They are both the PRRP version's shn fileset. I dunno why?
I have the 'first' version somewhere. It is good, but like all good live FM tapes, is a little rough around the edges. PRRP cleans that stuff up very well judging by some of their other stuff.
The right answer to me is that one of these should maybe be pulled.
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