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Re: Video_TS for multiple discs

Originally Posted by b3118207
I was actually kind of wondering the same thing... if anyone knows please shed some light. Thanks very much to those who have helped so far in this thread.
@Both of you....

Now then chaps ,are you actually asking if it's possible to split a Double Layer size DvD into 2 Discs?Thats how i'm reading between the lines of your questions.

If so..then yes & you can still keep the menus using some of the software available.
Lots of different software to do it with a lot more to be more specific for what you want.DvD Fab i hear is quite Kool!

If you use keywords in your search bar like "Splitting Dual Layer"
,you will find your needed software and good walk-throughs for what software you choose for the job in hand at various good DvD forums.

I'd actually bookmark a few of those sites as they will be of use to you in the future.They are for everyone

If i read you wrong with what you want to do........then hey,you found some very useful sites using those keywords anyway


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