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Pioneer PDR-609 - any UK owners?

I used to have a Pioneer PDR-609 CD burner; a while ago, I sold it through E-Bay, but discovered long after the sale that I hadn't 'finalised' all of the discs that I'd burned with it. I now have a Robin Trower disc with 4 or 5 tracks I'd very much like to salvage, but no machine with which to salvage them.

I've tried the disc in both my PC (CD and DVD-ROM drives) and my Alesis Masterlink, but neither will recognise anything on the disc. I might be able to burn something to it, since Windoze invites me to 'Open a writable CD folder' whenever I insert it; however, I really don't want to take a chance at writing something else, then only being able to access the new stuff.

What I really, really need is a friendly trader in the UK or Ireland, who has a working PDR-609, and who would be willing to finalise the disc for me.

Is there such a kind-hearted individual within our community? Hope so.

Send me a PM if you can help. Happy to provide a show or two from my extensive collection as a Thank You....

Regards, Graham
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