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Re: Linksys 54G router and Utorrent 1.6.1

Have you tried this address?

Originally Posted by bocajoes
I have been using utorrent 1.6.1 since I started bit torrent downloading last year. It has been a real sturggle to keep my ratios up to a respectable level, even though I have gone through all of the port forwarding steps. I am still showing "firewalled" here and "not connectable" on other sites. I can upload, but on a limited basis. I try to compensate by leaving torrents on my tracker for a few weeks but it gets to a point, usually after a few days, where nobody can connect to me.

I think I have isolated two possible causes to the problem and I am seeking advice. Am I right about this?:

1. I cannot get into the port table on the Linksys router. On port, it shows the username and password and instructs that it is universal for those routers. I type my IP addy in the bar but I cannot get into the router to open the ports IN the router because the supplied logins do not work.

2. I read on another forum that the Linksys 54G router and Utorrent 1.6.1 have a problem with seeding torrents for a long period of time. They will time out and users will not be able to connect, which I think is what is happening to me. I read about a firmware upgrade for the Linksys 54G that supposedly fixes this but I am hesitant to download it. Any users out there try this and is it effective?

I am thinking about just scrapping Utorrent and using Azerus. Thoughts? Good move or unneccessary?

Thank you all for your help.
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