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You better take another look at what songs you have listed as the fingerprints are messed up from version to version.

Winamp Fingerprints:

01 - Lady Day.FLAC:4745522c207469746c6520544558542c

02 - Ride Sally Ride.FLAC:eb0598caf3d971d0f09a913abded2fe2

03 - White Light White Heat.FLAC:92d34b60857aa01652f3c4f71ff618d4
04 - Sister Ray.FLAC:90b9adac3eb618f056877e2a6af83c19
05 - Sweet Jane.FLAC:31d6a6645d729bc558cafaf8e304d5dd
06 - Vicious.FLAC:090621867f4c9fa4a0264157fa434080
07 - Rock and Roll.FLAC:85807542dc273848870ec23e50325d32
08 - Oh, Jim.FLAC:4745522c207469746c6520544558542c
09 - Walk On The Wild Side.FLAC:0a7d42eb6bc8a499f76507a4f84049f3
10 - I'm Waiting For The Man.FLAC:289941aae6535ec109845f5b971018bb

EAC Fingerprints:

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 29, 2007, at 5:24 pm

01 Lady Day.flac:eb0598caf3d971d0f09a913abded2fe2
02 Ride Sally Ride.flac:92d34b60857aa01652f3c4f71ff618d4
03 White Light, White Heat.flac:90b9adac3eb618f056877e2a6af83c19
04 Sister Ray.flac:31d6a6645d729bc558cafaf8e304d5dd
05 Sweet Jane.flac:090621867f4c9fa4a0264157fa434080
06 Vicious.flac:5971acaaaefdeee66759b3d73644d0dd
07 Rock And Roll.flac:d5ff985c9c506e50ad075193b09a14cd
08 Oh, Jim.flac:0a7d42eb6bc8a499f76507a4f84049f3
09 Walk On The Wild Side.flac:289941aae6535ec109845f5b971018bb
10 I'm Waiting For The Man.flac:85807542dc273848870ec23e50325d32
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