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Re: how to put .cda files from cd to hard drive then....

I understood , I was just tryin to get a rise outta ya - I guess it worked - ha ha

I was alo bringing up a point - that's all

I check all my downloads now since I am now in head - and I've only been doing this since April of 2007
I have a lot of free time with the construction market being so bad right now. As being a contractor and boss I am in my office at pc all day, and this is what i do in between bidding jobs. I have learned an enormous amount of knowledge as well as about 1TB of bootlegs since starting. I also use the dc++ system.
I personally back up all of my boot with Retrospect as well as a tape drive I have for the business. And i catalog with orangecd. I'm lovin this shit
talk about changing subject of thread
sorry didn't mean to go off on a tangent.
Charlie Don't Surf

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