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Re: how to put .cda files from cd to hard drive then....

Originally Posted by EVAN772
I am going to go out on limb here and assume he is talking about bootleg audio CD's

I f he not, then this whole thread should be banned as trading commercial CD's is illegal, as far as I know or understand the law.
yes, of course!

Originally Posted by EVAN772
p.s. - Five - i thought trading audio cd's is what we do here - in a round about way?

lol - Evan772
yes, but making copies of copys of copys of audio cdrs, then extracting WAV>FLAC, putting it on the internet, burning that to audio cdr, oops I lost the info & screwed up the date, mailing that, copying it again to audio cdr, put this in my cd player & what's that sound? click, crackle pfffft oh shit maybe we should avoid this.

at stg ppl were still vineing audio cdrs sometimes and that got put to an end because of the errors that creep in and the hundreds of variant files that result. we don't allow audio cdr > FLAC > torrent > audio cdr > FLAC > torrent here, either. Its to preserve the quality.

If you are capable of going FLAC > audio cdr > FLAC and get a perfect (and I mean perfect) match on the files using checksums and also manage not to lose the info and stuff then it is okay, but anybody who has their system configured that tightly (I do) wouldn't do that!
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