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Re: how to put .cda files from cd to hard drive then....

Originally Posted by GRC
..... forgive me, but it sounds as though all the original poster wants to do is copy the CD; in which case something like Nero has a copy option built in, and all that's required is (assuming 2 available CD drives in the PC) to insert source and destination CDs in the 2 drives, and click 'copy'.

With only one drive, Nero takes care of storing the source CD on the HDD while you insert the destination CD into the drive, all behind the scenes.

Surely a better option than CDR -> EAC to .wav -> TLH to .flac -> Burrn to CDR, which requires three separate software packages, and will be far more time-consuming ....?

Regards, Graham
no offense, but I STRONGLY disagree

everybody stopped trading audio cdrs a few years back because they are too error-prone and most times there is not even an option to verify that the burn is error-free. I have a couple hundred audio cdrs around my house from the old days, 85% are okay, 15% have glitches when you least expect it

so it is better to trade FLAC, then let the person on the other end burn an audio cd to play in their car if they need it.
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