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Audio - Soundboard Remastering existing stuff...... but good.


Just read a post about fools remastering existing concerts.

I have done just that! But I'd still like to share it. I believe it's a significant improvement on the original. I see the points of view expressed in the post but:-

I'm an experienced live/studio engineer.
I'm not out to rip anyone off or con anyone into downloading something they already have.
I believe that this remaster is sharper, better, cleaner, crisper and louder that the available release.
I've mastered it through Waves' L3, Linear Phase EQ and MaxxBass in Cubase and Wavelab.

Any takers? I don't yet know how to create torrents but am willing to learn and share what I think is a excellent quality significant remaster of AC/DC's famous 02/11/79 Hammersmith gig.

What do you think?


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