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You might have blown the fuse on the receiver:


Your receiver has a fuse that helps protect the receiver from power surges
and short circuits. If the receiver does not work, check the fuse to see
if it is blown.

To check and replace the fuse, follow these steps:

1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the fuse compartment cap on the
back of the receiver.

2. Pull out the fuse compartment cap and remove the old fuse.

3. If the fuse's center wire is broken or the glass covering is a light
brown color, replace the fuse with an identical 6-amp, 250-volt fuse
available at your local Radio Shack store.

CAUTION: Never use a fuse that has a higher rating than 6 amps/250V.

4. Replace the fuse compartment cap.

If the fuse is not blown, it is possible that one of the protection
circuits has been activated. (See "Built-In Protection Circuits".)"

At the top of this page: it says that your receiver is an AM/AM Stereo Receiver, so I didn't read much further than that. I looked through the links and it says that the receiver has Dolby Surround Sound (limited freq. range mono rear channels), not Dolby Digital (full freq. on all 5 channels). There are no digital audio inputs (coaxial or optical). Also, it is 100 watts x 2 for the front channels, and 10 watts x 2 for the rear channels. So any DVD or VHS with a Dolby Digital or Dolby Surround track can be sent via the stereo analog outputs and decoded and played back through your receiver. It also has Stadium and Hall effects for 2 channel music. If you can't get the Radio Shack receiver to work (maybe give a call to Radio Shack), you could give Kenwood tech support a call to see if you should hook up 2 pairs of speakers to the amp.
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