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Re: Stereo setup...

I wanted to set up a good system for anything.
The STAV has surround modes including Dolby Digital, although it may be different. Really I am not worried about surround sound though.
The Kenwood, EQ, and SM-152's were $60 all together.
The A+B on my STAV works fine for me.
The STAV shut off the other day and now won't come on. ($25 out the door)
I have a DJ mixing board to use with the Kenwood if I can't figure out what happened to the STAV.

Now, first. Can someone tell me what happened to the STAV. It's either on standby or nothing. I plug it in the stand-by light is on. Hit the power button it goes off but that's all it does. I may be using the Kenwood after all.
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