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Re: Video Card Help

Originally Posted by livejamz
I m needing help on buying a video card. I have Sony Vegas 7. DVD Architect and Soundforge. I am needing a video card so I can start editing some of my videos. If there is anything else I am needing please let me know.
if you are capturing DV footage you won't need a video card. You will be using firewire to transfer. If you are transferring analog footage you will need a video card that has the red, white, yellow RCA connectors that break out from the 1/8" camera output. I use an ATI all in wonder for those. There are many models in that line. You could probably use the most basic one that has those connectors. You are going to be using the capture function in Vegas to capture through those connections. Also if you have a digi8 camera, it probably has firewire out. In which case you could plug in your hi8 tapes and transfer through firewire w/o a video card.
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