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Re: Any That Use's Azureus Can You Help Me???

i think you are on the right path. i do believe your terminology is the problem here. when you say upload you are really meaning "seeding" i am going to assume. at 3.46 gb it will take a least a day or two for you to seed this 100% however if you are talking about uploading your original .torrent file than you are doing something wrong.

try to upload a music file torrent 1st to see if your problem is even valid.
also you did not answer when asked if you uploaded a .torrent file?
i t sounds like you are uploading the whole video file to this tracker directly. if i am wrong i apologize.

go get traders little helper and use it for making your .torrents. you should have no problem. and read the forum lynne told you about. it helped me a lot!

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