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Re: organization/archiving methods (dvd, db, etc).

Burn the files to DVD as data.

Put the disk in a jewel case.

Number jewel cases starting with 1

Create a list using any program.

List the bands in Alphabetical order.

Put the DVD # after the show title on the list.

Now you can burn any different number of shows onto a DVD and place them in order on the TXT file list.

Meaning Aerosmith and Zappa could go on the same disc without problems of locating them. Eliminates organizing files on disc.


Paul Butterfield Blues Band:
1966-09-30 - Fillmore West, Sanfrancisco, CA (4)
1966-10-14 - Fillmore West, Sanfrancisco, CA (4)
1969-01-18 - Concergebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands (4)

Paul Butterfield's Better Days:
1973-12-30 - Record Plant, Sausalito, CA (76)

Peterson /Getz/ Eldige/ Hellis:
1961-xx-xx - Italy DVD (8)

1976-11-05 - Convention Center, Dallas, TX (3)
1978-12-08 - Jaap Eden Halle, Amsterdam, Holland (3)

The Police:
1979-03-04 - Zellerbach Auditorium, University of California, Berkeley, CA (86)
1979-05-24 - Minneapolis, MN (72)
1979-05-25 - Park West, Chicago, IL (86)
1979-10-02 - My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY (97)
1980-08-22 - Les Arenes de Beziers ,Beziers, France (97)

Thats how I do it.
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