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Re: I don't seem to be uploading unless i'm downloading...

No, don't pay money to forward your ports! Use the free guides: Go to and access your router's setup page. You will need the password, look in your router's manual for the defualt password (I think it is 'admin') if you haven't set one. Look for port forwarding. For bittornado, if you want to run two torrents at the same time, you need to forward two ports. 3 torrents at once, 3 ports, etc. Make sure this port number(s) (recommended to use a port(s) between 50,000 and 60,000) match the ones in bittornado. You need TCP or UDP enabled, I forget which one. If you have multiple computers hooked up to the router, it is easier to set up a static internal (not external or WAN) IP address for each computer.
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