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I hate to break it to you, but in order to hook up the Kenwood amp to your receiver your receiver needs preamp outputs, and I don't think that model has them. Or you are going to need a separate preamplifier to control the Kenwood amp. With all those speakers have you thought about surround sound? You could ebay the stereo receiver and stereo amp, and buy a 5.1 receiver with Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound. You could hook up your DVD player and enjoy movies in surround sound, and there is a 5 channel stereo mode also on most? 5.1 receivers so you can play your CDs through all 4 speakers. There is also digital signal processing effect modes, like Club, Stadium. Some of the DVDs here at TTD have surround sound on them.

This site has good deals and Denon is a heck of a consumer brand, better than Sony, Kenwood, JVC.
Denon AVR-1706 $175

7.1 receiver
75 watts x 7 channels
5.1 analog input for DVD-Audio, Blu-Ray compatibility
Dolby Digital, DTS

Drawbacks: No HDMI switching for Blu-Ray, some DVD players, and HDTV tuners. It doesn't have a phono input if you ever want to play vinyl. Well, I guess you could use a phono preamp and hook up the turntable through an analog input.

You can compare all the new Denon AV receivers here:

btw, I'm not a Denon salesman or anything, I just own some Denon gear.
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