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Stereo setup...

Ok, I'm new in audio like this.

I have a pair of Infinity SM-152's rated at 10-300 watts. I also have a pair of Cerwin-Vega! D-3's rated at about 125 watts max. I have an Optimus STAV-3250 reciever which I use with the Cerwin-Vega!'s putting out about 110 watts max. I have a Kenwood KM-893 power amp, which I got today with NO knowlege about it's output. And an AudioSource EQ Eight/II equalizer too.

I got the SM-152's. the Kenwood amp, and the EQ today.

I want to know, how do I hook this up. Do I run an output from the reciever to the amp with the speakers hooked to the amp and the Cerwin-Vega!'s to the reciever itself? I need some help desperatly.

Thank you
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