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Re: I don't seem to be uploading unless i'm downloading...

Are you firewalled? If you are then you can only upload to non-firewalled peers, so if there aren't many of them leeching the show (probably not a problem here at TTD), then you won't have as many opportunities to upload. For instructions on how to forward a port in your firewall so you will not be firewalled for BT, go to

Maybe you have to restart your client (uTorrent) for encryption to be enabled? Or you could try Bittornado 3.18 or Azureus. I wasn't able to upload after completion until I upgraded to Bittornado 3.18. Also you could use a port between 50,000 and 60,000. The default ports are known to be used by bittorrent so ISPs throttle or limit them.
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