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Re: EAC configuration, offsets, etc...

Cicada, I'm glad I was able to help!

Well shit, I just burned the same DAT > soundcard > SF > CD Wav sourced show with EAC .95 beta 4 with the write offset corrected with my Lite On, then extracted with EAC with the read offset corrected and all the tracks I extracted matched. I extracted the first track, a middle track, and the last track and they all match (my audio CD read speeds suck with this drive, so I didn't want to extract all the tracks). Yay! Maybe it was my old HD-DT-ST CD-RW drive that couldn't overwrite into the lead out correctly? That was probably it. &*@$% cheap factory supplied stock drives. So if your drive can't overwrite into lead in and/or out, then you have to add a short bonus track to the beginning and/or end so all your concert wavs will match on extraction.

I just extracted the last track of an audio CD (didn't add a short bonus track on this one disc) I burned a while ago with the old drive with EAC with the write offset corrected and got DIFFERENT samples at the very end of the track when I compared it with the original FLAC > WAV with EAC's compare WAVs feature. Different samples in the compare WAVs feature as opposed to MISSING samples when you extract a Nero burned disc with EAC with the read offset corrected.

If you extract a CD that has been burned without write offset correction with Nero or EAC, then extract with EAC with the combined read/write offset, then all your files will match the original FLAC set. So if you have burned a bunch of audio CDs with Nero (not normalized, no 2 second gaps) but you deleted the FLAC sets, then you can still get the original files back by extracting with with EAC with the combined read/write offset (assuming no SBEs on original FLAC set).
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