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Re: EAC configuration, offsets, etc...


wow I am getting a headache thinking about that! we will get to the bottom of it, I've got to research a little.

a couple things that come to mind

I don't think it has anything to do with the dat source, unless you do the identical steps with eg a cassette source and it comes out different. are you getting "no sector boundary errors" using a shntool/tlh len check on the original set? cdwave leaves a SBE on the final track, if that's what you're using (could be a cause, just a shot in the dark)

combined read and write offsets should not be used, they are only useful when all else fails setting them separately. when using combined read and write offsets it is expected that the checksums will be different after extracting a disc, and that the sample slide intentionally introduced here will correct itself when a copy is burned from these files. so what you're experiencing seems strange, also I have to look up my facts on this since I have never used that feature personally...

if you have the two last files that are ever so slightly different I am capable of checking them for you for a) sample slide and amount in # of samples and b) exact difference between them, if that is at all useful here.

...still thinking about this, we should be able to get it sorted
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