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Re: EAC configuration, offsets, etc...

Originally Posted by Five
if you extract a cd to one folder, then burn that using EAC and extract again from this burned copy to another folder, then you can generate st5 checksums for both sets to see if you've got it 100% perfect. even wholefile md5s will work, if you're more comfortable with that.

for instructions look at the "checksums" link below in my signature. on my system I get a perfect match.
I have determined that my read offset correction is 102. I then used the earlier thread from tubular to determine that I should enter 30 into EAC for my write offset. I tried converting original flacs to wavs and burning to cd. Then extracting those wavs from that cd... I used EAC to compare and they match! The md5's for these wavs are a match, also.

However, when I encode the newly ripped wav to flac (level 8 encoding) the st5's are a match, but the md5's do NOT match the original flac files. Is this because I use flac8 to encode? What would cause this?
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