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Re: EAC configuration, offsets, etc...

I set up my system using the guides at the coaster factory

everything is set up for slowest extraction speed/highest quality in the options

my read offset is +98 on my rom drive ... it was determined that this is the ideal drive for reading.

my write drive offset is -6

I tested it with several official cds from my collection, 100% perfect on all tracks.

I'm confident that I can burn an audio cdr sourced from DAT or anything and get the same results... I can test this if you think for some reson it could possibly make a difference in the results. important thing is that there are no SBEs in the WAV files used to burn with EAC.

one key point, in EAC options for extraction I have "fill up missing offset samples with silence" enabled. since pretty much any commercial cd will have at least 98 samples of silence at the beginning and end, maybe I should try testing it with a DAT source as you suggested!! (will get back to you on that...)
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