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Re: Uploading Rates vs. # of Torrents

I've have Comcast and use utorrent 1.6. I can usually seed torrents that have alot of leechers, but when there are like 1 or 2, and I have utorrent set to 25 up I usually can only get like 12 up. I am not firewalled, and never show up that way on any trackers, but unless I am downloading something from the tracker, it's hard for others to connect to me, so I seed something while I'm downloading . I'm getting Verizon Fios 20/5 service starting next wed., so I'll be able to finally get my ratio back to something a little more respectable. Can't wait to dump Comcast.

Forgot the question doh. Yes Comcast caps your upload to 768k and the best I ever get is usually 50kbs up without completely slowing down my other internet activities (web pages, IRC, Usenet).
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