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Re: EAC configuration, offsets, etc...

"If your drive has a negative read offset or a positive read offset correction it also needs overreading into the Lead-Out in order to have no missing samples on extraction. If the drive has a positive read offset or a negative read offset correction it needs overreading into the Lead-In. Anyway, don't worry too much if your drive cannot overread as only very few samples are missing at the beginning or end of a CD as can be read in The Truth About Offsets."

I'm not sure how correct the above quote is. Lead in and Lead out refer to the first and last tracks of a disc, respectively. So it wouldn't happen to tracks in the middle of a disc. I think if you get missing samples on the last track of a disc when comparing these with the compare WAVs feature of EAC:

1)a write offset corrected CD that has been extracted with the read offeset corrected

2)an original FLAC or SHN set that has been decoded to WAV

then it has to do with some drives or EAC itself not being able to OVERWRITE into the lead out correctly when burning a CD, based on tests I have done.
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