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Re: EAC configuration, offsets, etc...

Cicada, when you extract a commercial CD with little or no scratches with the read offset corrected in secure mode of EAC, do you get read or sync errors on any tracks? Or do all the tracks extract OK and you get a message of "no errors occurred" at the end of the EAC log? If there were read errors, then it will say "there were errors" at the end of the rip log. Also, what kind of drive to you have?
I gotta go back and read your previous message about determining the offset. However, my drive is now shown clearly in the accurate rip database with great certainty (120 is the offset correction). My drive (in a compaq laptop): HL-DT-STRW/DVD GCC-4241N

But wait... My understanding of the info at Coaster Factory resulted in the statement that I would have missing samples (see link

About 4/5 down the page, I found this quote
If your drive has a negative read offset or a positive read offset correction it also needs overreading into the Lead-Out in order to have no missing samples on extraction. If the drive has a positive read offset or a negative read offset correction it needs overreading into the Lead-In. Anyway, don't worry too much if your drive cannot overread as only very few samples are missing at the beginning or end of a CD as can be read in The Truth About Offsets.
For the record:
No read or sync errors. The message I received from EAC extraction is "no errors ocurred".
I apologize for my confusion... I have not received EAC reports of missing samples. The desire to set up EAC correctly has caused me to read that Coaster Factory dissertation repeatedly, until my mind is marshmallow! As I mentioned above, I will give your earlier post another read and try to perform those operations over the weekend. Thanks!
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